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Comment by robertallen zimmermann on July 12, 2013 at 22:18

We are pleased to inform you that the beta testing of our application Liftago Taxi is successful. During testing, we have already passed several important milestones and released two updated versions of the application. You probably know that things are not going the way we would have liked. However, we have already reached the finish line and run the project now closer than ever. So, what happens next?

Beta testing

In the next few days we are going to complete the beta testing Liftago Taxi and Liftago Driver for Android and iOS. However, this does not mean the completion of the application - on the contrary, we have already planned to numerous innovations in applications for passengers and drivers. Our goal is to release monthly updates and free versions.

Pilot launch in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

We plan by the end of next week's launch of applications in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. By this time we are going to run a fully functional version of our website and publish the application in Google Play. Next, we will direct efforts for beta testing iOS-application Liftago Taxi passengers. Starting in the first wave of countries (Poland and Romania) will follow soon after. Our goal - to move to the next wave in no time!

Useful information about the launch:

Communicate with us: Follow us on the official page on Facebook and keep up with the latest news (in English). Please, pay attention to the fact that the exact launch date will be announced on our website Facebook! Also remember that this is an open page, so any marketing publications banned. We will be happy to assist in marketing at

Join Something New: Once will be fully launched, the stop working, and all features will be transferred to All your invitation link, for example / [nick], will be redirected to / [nick]. You will be able to take advantage of new Invitation link by entering the updated personal page Liftago.

Marketing Tips

The results obtained in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, will be critically important to the success in other countries. Once we analyze the first relevant data from these markets, we will share with you best practices.

As long as the application Liftago Taxi and Liftago Driver not available for download in your country, conduct pre-registration of new drivers and passengers on In addition, you can continue to develop your community marketing and distribution strategy to develop applications for drivers and passengers.

After the launch, marketers will be able to get even more marketing materials and advice, as well as other documents, flyers, business cards, banners or web-marketing of library We will translate these materials into the local language at the time of launch in the country.

Start time is coming, let's cross our fingers and hope for success!

Team Liftago

technological service Support Team
Taking you to the TOP in 2013
Comment by doug johnson on July 12, 2013 at 21:06

Join the largest social savings network in the world, will be bigger than facebook

Comment by Rickey Johnson on July 12, 2013 at 20:39

hello community glad to be here.  check out mobile app company featuring the travel app. this is a global company gaining new enrollments by the hundreds daily.  have most fantastic days!! juniques

Comment by Louis Gaskins on July 12, 2013 at 13:53

pre-register for FREE App that will get you the nearest available taxi , taxi will have it to ! Our vision is to provide a hassle-free transport solution for people around the world and pave the way for the mobility of the future!see video>

sign up here> Free join on membership Fee we

Main advantages and perks of this innovative community business: •You’re not selling anything. Your job is to distribute free Liftago™ apps and get rewarded when they are used. •You’re not paying anything to Liftago™ for the opportunity. We give you the idea, tools, and the opportunity and reward you for helping us spread the use of Liftago™ around the world. •You’re offering a huge value. Passengers are taking taxis anyway. With Liftago™, you are making the lives of both drivers and passengers much easier, for their benefit and for yours.  

Comment by Karen Forbes on July 12, 2013 at 12:54

We have just had tht eannouncement that our power strips have just been listed with the FDA as a medical device for relief of pain!!! This is huge to be able to market and we are open to start marketing worldwide. They are posted in an envelope about the size of a birthday card!! One price worldwide and one postage priice worldwide. We are only in pre launch so I'm looking for motivated people worldwide to join my team now to build together. Watch the videos and message me with your questions.

Business webinar -

Comment by TA Ayyaswamy on July 12, 2013 at 12:27
Comment by robertallen zimmermann on July 12, 2013 at 10:10

I am happy to tell you about a new project we are just getting ready to launch.
Liftago Taxi A unique "community business" concept using mobile app technology to move the world.
Liftago Taxi – make the taxi world a better and hassle-free place for both passengers and drivers
It is a brand new technological service making transportation more comfortable. It will replace the current outdated system used everyday all around the world by millions of people. It will use mobile applications. Before launching this service we are looking for marketers who will profit from spreading this service which will be available globally.
Just imagine – for one person moving from point A to point B you can get paid some cents. How many people around the world use taxis? How many times a day? Millions, billions? Look at the video below:
The man behind this project is a successful Czech entrepreneur Martin Hausenblas. Even before releasing this project 40 thousand marketers are taking part in this project world-wide. We believe it can be millions of people soon.LiftagoLiftago is coming soon! Register now to learn more and build your marketing community before the launch: Liftago is coming soon! Register now to learn more and build your marketing community before the launch:
Here is a short video in which Martin Hausenblas, our founder, answers a couple of questions about Liftago. This video also demonstrates how the Liftago™ apps work from the passenger's perspective.

Please note that the apps are not limited to the features shown in the video and that they will also be available in your local language!

We believe this video will give you additional information to share with potential passengers and taxi drivers.
our demo of the Liftago Driver app for
our official YouTube channel for marketers

technological service Support Team
Taking you to the TOP in 2013

Comment by Louis Gaskins on July 7, 2013 at 16:00

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