The ESPYS remembers people in sports that we lost over the past year during its "In Memoriam" segment, but there was a notable absence Wednesday night.Former NBA coach Philip "Flip" Saunders was not shown during the television airing of the ESPYS, and it caught the ire of people on social media. Saunders died in October after announcing his Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosis just a few months earlier.Saunders, who coached the Timberwolves, Pistons, Wizards and then the Wolves again, was also an analyst for ESPN. His absence from the televised memoriam segment seemed odd Cheap NBA Jerseys considering his large impact in the league, and his former position with the network.It seems Saunders was part of the segment, but somehow his slide didn't get aired. There were times the camera zoomed in on singer Andra Day, although in most shots you could see the background as well. A Reddit user who claims to have attended the event says Saunders was shown and "got a decently loud reaction from the crowd."UPDATE: ESPN responded on Thursday afternoon."Flip was included in the segment. There was an unfortunate camera cut and so those Kyrie Irving Shoes in the audience were the only ones who caught his inclusion in the piece. It was an unfortunate mistake."
While neither Chris Bosh nor the Heat would like to see it come to an end this way, a small, rarely used portion of the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement could change Miami’s future if that worst-case scenario comes to pass.Both of Bosh’s past two seasons ended in February because of issues with deep vein thrombosis, when a blood clot forms in a vein, often in the legs. His 2015 issue with the condition Kristaps Porzingis Jerseys was more serious because it traveled through his bloodstream before ending up in his lung. Fortunately, his 2016 recurrence was smaller and caught earlier, but he still missed the remainder of the season.Under his contract signed in 2014 after LeBron James opted to leave the Heat, Bosh will make approximately $23.7 million this season, $25.3 million in 2017-18 and $26.8 million in 2018-19, per Basketball Insiders. He has been worth that kind of money when healthy; Bosh has a streak of 11 consecutive seasons as an All-Star and has averaged 20.0 points Golden State Warriors Jerseys and 7.2 rebounds a game over the past two seasons, all while being sidelined for the entire second half both years.Now the Heat must deal with the possibility that he cannot return to the court. One complicating factor is that Bosh reportedly pushed to play last season, only to be rejected by team doctors. Another is how the Heat’s future salary cap might shake out if Bosh cannot return.The current CBA has procedures in place for what occurs when a player could be dealing with a potentially career-ending injury or illness. Here’s Lebron James Jerseys the text of Article VII, Section 4(h)(2):While there are details of Bosh’s ailment that are not fully known, it appears the second path would be more likely. The concept of “medically unacceptable risk” looms large because that rationale played a significant part in Bosh sitting out the final 30 games of the 2014-15 season and the final 43 games of the 2015-16 season (including Miami’s 14 playoff games).Let’s take a closer look at the factors involved in this decision.
Michael Jordan has long been criticized for not speaking out about social issues, Derrick Rose Jerseys but Monday he published a surprising statement through ESPN's The Undefeated .“I was raised by parents who taught me to love and respect people regardless of their race or background, so I am saddened and frustrated by the divisive rhetoric and racial tensions that seem to be getting worse as of late," Jordan writes. "I know this country is better than that, and I Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys can no longer stay silent. We need to find solutions that ensure people of color receive fair and equal treatment AND that police officers – who put their lives on the line every day to protect us all – are respected and supported."In addition to the statement, Jordan donated a total of $2 million to organizations he believes in. One million each will be given to the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s newly established Institute for Community-Police Relations and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.A spokeswoman for Jordan told The Undefeated that the retired basketball player and owner of the Hornets made his decision to speak out and donate two weeks ago, but delayed his response due to the All-Star game being moved out of Charlotte."Jordan did not want his Cavalier Steam Shop announcement to take away from the focus on the LGBT community," the spokeswoman claimed.Jordan has long been tied to the quote, “Republicans buy sneakers, too," which was his alleged response to being asked to endorse African-American democratic candidate Harvey Gantt over Jesse Helms (a divisive figure on racial issues) in the 1990 North Carolina Senate race. He's denied saying the quote, which was published in a book and attributed to him by an anonymous friend.But, as he writes, he "can no longer stay silent," and hopes his donations "will help both organizations Kevin Durant Jerseys make a positive difference."
Russell Westbrook won't follow in Kevin Durant's footsteps and leave the Thunder (at least not yet). Instead, he opted to sign a three-year extension with the team. Surely Durant has some thoughts on the move, but if he does, he's not sharing them with the media. As he gets ready to train with USA Basketball in Rio, Durant was asked if he'd offer his congrats to his former teammate, and said, "nah" — at least, for now.MORE: Ranking the best players to switch teams in their primes.Westbrook was San Antonio Spurs Jerseys reportedly "angry and hurt" about Durant's departure, but we haven't really had a public comment from the Thunder point guard on the move (unless you count a laugh). Durant, on the other hand, has had to face the media and answer questions about all the hoopla, and has admitted he didn't intend to hurt anyone's feelings.
Russell Westbrook is joining James Harden again — not on the same team, but as NBA trend-setters. With the Thunder point guard agreeing to sign a renegotiated contract extension, he joined his former teammate in taking Otto Porter Jerseys this unusual measure for superstar players.When the owners and players agreed to the NBA’s current collective bargaining agreement in 2011, one of the significant effects was making veteran extensions much less appealing. The result was that more of the league’s biggest stars have hit unrestricted free agency (including their former Thunder teammate, Kevin Durant), with the side effect of ratcheting up uncertainty for players and teams alike. However, Harden and Westbrook’s recent renegotiations and extensions provided an early glimpse into what could become a growing trend around the league.Restrictive rules on eligibility, NBA Jerseys salary raises and contract length made these kinds of extensions impractical for years. However, this shift — as with seemingly all others this offseason — is tied directly into the rapidly rising salary cap.The only reason a player would want to renegotiate before hitting free agency is to increase his salary for seasons where he is already under contract. Harden and Westbrook took significant pay leaps for the 2016-17 season by renegotiating, but that raise has to come from cap space. The Rockets had the $10 million in available space to give Stephen Curry Jerseys Harden his raise. In exchange, Harden committed to delaying his first foray into unrestricted free agency. It should also be noted that players who agree to renegotiations cannot be traded for six months, but either Westbrook or Harden could finish this season in a new uniform on their richer contract if moved before the February trade deadline.As a result, the only players likely to want renegotiated extensions are on teams with enough cap space to give reasonable raises. The other constraint is that players are only available for these deals if they Stephen Curry Shoes currently are three years into a contract of four or more seasons, not including option years. Those limitations rule out players such as the Raptors’ Kyle Lowry because his fourth season is an option — and now his team does not have enough money anyway.Those constraints winnow the field of players and teams who could sign renegotiated extensions. Only two teams have the combination of cap space and the players on current contracts to make these moves viable: the Pacers and Jazz.The Pacers reinvented themselves this offseason and have clear priorities for KD Shoes the future. That starts with keeping their only All-Star for as long as possible.

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